15 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2020

Web Design Trends

A well-designed website is a must to have an asset to your business. It helps you to better connect with your target audience and at the same time enhances your brand image.

You might have noticed that website design elements change frequently. So, you should take ample care to keep yourself updated on the latest trends for keeping your website up-to-date. What was trending yesterday might be out-of-date today.

The modern web design trends do no longer retain simplicity but find themselves at the confluence of graphic design and evolving technology.

So, to enable you to create the best web design plan, we have put together the following effective trends for 2020:

#1 Bold Typography

The trend of using big and bold typography in anchoring homepages is becoming increasingly popular. This style elicits the strongest appeal when the rest of the page is kept minimal. Visitors can feel the design of your website if the homepage is kept clean. Therefore, minimal aesthetics for homepages are among the hottest trends for 2020.

#2 Videos

You can draw the interest of your website visitors by putting high-quality dynamic videos or GIFs that move in a continuous loop. Make sure that you use video on your website as that is also the wave for the future, besides among the hottest trends today.

#3 Overlapping Design Elements

When design elements overlap, they can create more depth and at the same time render the transition from one element to the other visually appealing. It can help a lot in attracting website visitors and create awareness of your brand.

#4 Brutalism

Designers have implemented some convention-defying patterns to differentiate your website from the rest. The technique is called Brutalism and involves shadowing techniques and texturing styles like halftones. With the technique, you will find your website standing apart from that of your competitors.

#5Excessive White Space

Excessive white space in website designs helps in bringing to the focus of visitors certain parts of the webpage. It is an increasingly popular web designing technique. It also has a classic look and feel, and also can fit in any kind of design structure. And many businesses have implemented it, and more are expected to implement it in 2020.

#6 3D Design

3D is among the top web designs to consider in 2020. 3D designs are advantageous as they impart more depth as well as realism to images. Given its appeal to visitors, 3D designs in all forms—static, animated and interactive—are expected to dominate in 2020.

#7 Big Buttons

Big buttons are among the hot trends in the web design sphere. From calls to action to navigation, big buttons have become a popular trend in web design as that ease website visitors to navigate. Big buttons are coloured in various shades to enable visitors to figure out what action is to be taken.

#8 Gradient Styles

The practice of using flat colors is giving way to the use of gradients in 2020. As gradients instill more depth, visitors find it interesting to look at. At the same time, gradients are versatile and can be used in various contexts. One of the striking features of the gradient design is the more clickable the call-to-action buttons become. Moreover, with gradient designs, you can incorporate any background styles.

#9 Organic Shapes

Web designs in 2020 will all be about organic shapes, comprising of curves. The days of grid layouts and sharp edges in web designs are slowly becoming out-dated. Organic shapes render a website with a strong appeal with a mix of colors.

#10 Hand Drawn Fonts

Recently, customized hand-drawn fonts have become trendy in web design. And, in 2020, these fonts are expected to be the order of the day. These kinds of fonts enable designers to create websites with charm and appealing look and feel.

#11 Dark Mode

Preference for the dark mode among website designers is increasing day by day. It enables web designers to create fashionable and creative interfaces. A notable aspect of dark mode designs is that it is pleasing to the eyes, unlike light-colored interfaces that cause strain in the eyes when viewed at the night. Moreover, dark modes help to catch the eye of website visitors.

#12 Mix of Horizontal and Vertical Texts

A popular trend doing the rounds in the modern web design space is the usage of a mix of horizontal as well as vertical texts. And the trend is expected to attain strong momentum in 2020. Existing websites with the trending design shows that the appeal factor magnifies manifold, helping in attracting more and more website visitors.

#13 Illustration

In 2020, websites with beautiful illustrations are becoming more and more popular among businesses. In a recent trend, an increasing number of businesses are turning towards illustrators and graphic designers to create stunning illustrations for enhancing the appeal of their websites.

#14 Appealing Scroll Patterns

Scroll patterns have a lot to do in engaging website visitors. And interesting scroll patterns are one of the hottest web design trends in 2020. The more interesting the scroll pattern is, the more likely are the visitors tend to keep moving through the content. Appealing scroll patterns are more about interesting designs to attract visitors through the content.

#15 Creative Animations

Animations on websites that are creative are set to dominate web designs in 2020. Attractive animations play a big role in attracting as well as delighting website visitors. Creative animations have revolutionized the website design trends of late.

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