360i #SideHustle: Snipped and Styled with Remi Lubcher

Welcome to the 360i #SideHustle blog series, where we showcase the awesome side projects, hobbies, start-up businesses, and other ventures created by the entrepreneurial employees here at 360i.

What started as a childhood passion for couture became a #SideHustle for Remi Lubcher, Media Manager at 360i. When she isn’t busy working on 360i’s integrated team for client HBC she’s working on her business Snipped and Styled, a clothing brand targeted at millennial women. Remi created Snipped and Styled in 2014 and it has since spread to college campuses across America, putting a new spin on traditional college apparel along the way. We sat down with Remi to learn about her experience building a unique business in fashion.

1. How did your passion for retail and fashion begin?
I have been passionate about fashion for as long as I can remember! My mom is a major “fashionista,” so she influenced my love for fashion from a very young age. In elementary school, I became obsessed with picking out my outfits; in middle school, I would sketch dresses in my class notebooks and by the time I was in high school, I started cutting up my clothing to add a unique flair to my style which I have continued doing throughout my young adult life!

2. Your business is very unique, what inspired you to take this angle?
In high school, I remember being so embarrassed to show up to school in the same shirt as someone else. My mom would joke that not everything I owned could be “couture” so naturally, as the rebellious teenager I was, I challenged her and started cutting up my clothes so that each piece was unique. From there, people would stop me in the hallway and ask me to cut their shirts for them! I started posting my designs on social media, which was originally for fun, but eventually, it became a business with strategy.

3. Who/What influenced you to start Snipped and Styled?
I was always interested in business and fashion, and I love connecting with people so starting Snipped and Styled was simply me following my passions. Once I was accepted to Syracuse University as a high school senior, I was so excited to show my school spirit and saw a huge lack of stylish fan gear. The clothing that the University Bookstore sold was boring and basic. I decided to take this problem into my own hands (literally) and snip my college t-shirts. I posted my designs on Instagram and the feedback I received was overwhelming. My business was born when people started asking me to “snip and style” their college tshirt. Since that original Instagram post the business has grown exponentially and I have learned so much.

4. How much time would you say you spend on Snipped and Styled every week?
The amount of time I spend on Snipped and Styled really varies each week! During a typical week, I usually take 2 hours a day (before or after work) to answer emails, post on social, and connect with the girls on my team about their tasks for the day! I also work with models and help fulfill orders on weekends. This all takes about 15 hours a week. Other weeks, when I have a pop-up shop or event I will spend 20 – 30 hours a week between snipping and selling live at the event.

5. How does your role at 360i influence your role and work at Snipped and Styled, or vice versa?
My role at 360i and my business influence each other a great deal. Working at 360i was my first job out of college and helped me become more professional and strategic in my business decisions. I learned simple things like how to send a calendar invite and how to create a V lookup to sift through customer data, but I also learned how to look at my business through a media lens. Additionally, having managed my Snipped and Styled team before helped me seamlessly transition from an associate to a manager role here at 360i. Lastly, the fact that I work on a fashion account and run a fashion business does not hurt either!

6. What truly motivates you to continue in retail and fashion?
I love what I do, my product, my team and my brand. I am motivated by my customers and the community I have built. It is so rewarding meeting my followers at events and pop shops who love Snipped and Styled and have witnessed my growth. Seeing their excitement when we release a new style or host a giveaway on Instagram makes all the hours and hard work worth it.

7. Do you have any quick tips or pieces of advice for someone looking to break into retail?
Go for it! Stay up to date with trends and follow in the footsteps of those who inspire you! Starting a business (retail or anything else) is going to be a ton of hard work and at times it is not as glamorous as you may think, but if you are pursuing something you have a passion for it is all worth it. You need to have a passion for what you do. Without it, it’s very easy to give up when things get rough. It is important not to get discouraged, every failure is a learning experience.

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