Using The Screaming Frog SERP Snippet Tool

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi, my name is Kelly-Anne. I’m Client Services Manager here at Koozai. In this video, I’m gonna show you how you can edit page titles and meta descriptions using the SERP snippet tool in Screaming Frog. This feature is a little hidden away and it’s quite often missed even by experienced users. It can be pretty challenging to work out pixel width in Excel. So with this great feature, you can just edit them directly in the tool and they will update at the end in the interface to show you the pixel width and how they might be displayed in search results. Any changes made are automatically saved in the tool so you can make as many edits as you’d like then export and send a ready to plan then to approve or upload straightaway to your website. So what you do first of all, is you call the website using Screaming Frog, then once you do that, you go down here and you look at SERP snippet, probably a tab you’ve never noticed before So you click on it, and then you expand the window and you can see what the page title meta description it’s like in the search results. So you can see on desktop, and you can see these dots here so it means is not gonna be showing completely in your search results the page title. And on mobile, you can see what it looks like, and on tablet. So you can then edit your page title, so you can make sure it fits on page on tablet, mobile and desktop. So you can title. And then you check to make sure it fits on tablet, it’s fine. Mobile, and desktop. It’s all perfect. So then you will amend the description so it will fit on desktop, mobile and tablet. So you can move on and check, so you got rid of 28 You can see if it’s a mobile, desktop, and tablet it’s fine. And then if you make a mistake, you wanna go back to the original, you just click reset title in description and it’ll bring you back to the original digital across. And then if you’re happy with that, you move on to the next page. And you can adjust this as well. Once you’ve gone through and made all your paid off match descriptions, you then click Export, and you save a copy. And then once that’s saved, you can send on to your client or then use it to upload to your website. And that’s it. That’s how you can check your pay title meta description length in Screaming Frog. Thank you

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